On Purpose


On Purpose organizes your tasks so you have time for your life. Create lists, group by subjects, assign priorities, start the timer and stop when the timer dings. Use it to keep to a schedule, take stretch breaks, manage due dates, create the space for tinkering, and organize to-do lists for work and play. Use it to limit lower priority activities to preassigned chunks of time to help focus, start, and most importantly, STOP the activity. Plan your day, your week, your year, your vacation, your creative projects, and special events. On Purpose will help keep your intentions clear, and your time use "On Purpose".

On Purpose is time and task management for the preoccupied. The captivating color scheme highlights pertinent information, while search and other features chart your progress to guide you and keep you on track. Providing a digital mobile repository for all your to-dos, On Purpose records and connects tasks in a visual way that creates order out of everyday chaos. Enter nagging chores to get them off your mind so you can concentrate on getting your work done and free the mental space to design intentional steps towards your biggest dreams. Shift from drifting from task to task to systematically ticking off completed jobs deliberately assigned and addressed. Stop for lunch early, stretch, breath, be more effective by controlling attention and pacing your energy. Schedule what needs to be done so there’s time for what is really important. On Purpose is a powerful tool to stay on purpose.


- Freeform list creation, any language

- Organize Tasks by Subject

- Prioritize & assign Tasks due dates

- Assign status Pending or Complete

- Link Tasks across multiple Subjects

- Reorder, set Default Subject Order

- Subject picker

- Full Subject, Tasks, Due Date Search

- Set Timer

- Timer checks Subject when time elapsed

- Alert when Timer completes running in background

- Device shake to Undo

- Color coded Status indication