Dustin Maher’s Flat Stomach Workout


Personal trainer and fitness instructor Dustin Maher guides you through custom video workouts designed to flatten your stomach and strengthen the muscles of your core. Dustin's programs have been featured over 60 times on NBC, ABC, and CBS. His workouts are tailored to your level using Dustin's expertise built into the app. There are literally millions of different workouts that Dustin can create for you in this app.

Loved It!


by Fit Workout Mom

I just wanted to thank Dustin for developing such a great app! It feels as though this world class trainer is just training me in my home and in the gym, because he creates workouts that fit my needs and abilities.

This is the best $1.99 investment of my life. I can already feel my stomach getting tighter and it has only been a few workouts!

Thanks Dustin!

Customer Review

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